Silence pierces the human soul, thoughts stop in endless minutes, it is suspended in the tender and poignant embrace of the eyes to nature that has its life beyond men and women of any time, but it is for men and women of all times, here is the music of images, the emotional harmony of creation that only a God could give us, and the creed of consuming all of mother nature and mother earth has been broken. In silence, in silence the human soul has passed away, the landscape gives us its word, its saving power, its beauty of a modesty that is not prohibitive in the eyes of photographic poetry. Over the centuries there will be a dialogue between the totality of mother nature and life, and the signs of an eternal love inundate us in a generational pact of consciences in the name of all names and so we will be, yes, we will be worthy precious drops in the ‘immensity.

Poet Giuseppe Condello