It’s time to change. How many times have we proposed, perhaps with the stroke of the new year, to make positive changes to our lives, and how many times, on time, we have neglected these good intentions? Well. The opportunity to change is here, now, under our noses. The time has come to do the math with ourselves. The time has come to change. We speak less and listen more. We don’t give up on one dinner with friends just because we worked too hard.

We embrace warmly, long and sincere hugs, heart against heart. Let’s not worry too much about the dust accumulated in the corners of the our home and our life, just a gust of wind to blow it away. We find time to enjoy our affections. We don’t waste any opportunity and we don’t stack dreams in a forgotten drawer.

Let’s go back to lie down in the meadows, without worrying about staining, inevitably, grass jeans. Not we pretend to be invincible, we are allowed to throw in the towel every now and then. We learn to share responsibilities: “a little to you … a little to me; Let’s not get lost behind screens and fake lives, created in doc for appear what we are not. Let’s return to love the real, the concrete, the moment that lasts forever if preserved in our memory.

Let’s not forget our feelings anymore, hidden behind (in) destructible shields. We learn to love what we are and what we have, that is to love the autumn wind that brings the storm as well as the summer sun that warms and tans our skins. When will we return to our daily lives; let’s remember that nothing will be normal, but everything will have changed … Inexorably …