Reflections on the metaphysics of time and you feel all the existential restlessness of human smallness in the face of nature; we humans are not a primacy, but a part of the world, of the universe, in the course of things we are the problematic and complex phase of experience, and in the plural becoming soul life to another life. Delays that go into the depths of silence, because the landscape is the intimate enuclearization of a consciousness towards other possible forms of beauty. Delays that are a song of an astonished, enamored gaze, of an innocent gaze because in soft light there is the scriptural photographic vocation.

Reflections on the fragility of the solitary soul, but the wave of the remote reaches, an act of eye love towards the unknown has never been wasted, and there is truth in moments that give meaning to the relationship between dream and reality, between the what was and what is. Dwellings … dwellings … and it is an eternal visual theater for the eyes of different ages.

Poet Giuseppe Condello.